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Taos Residential Mural Project

Submitted by David Vedoe

Client: Private Residence

Location: Taos, NM, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $13,500

Project Team


Private Residence


David Vedoe

David Vedoe Renaissance Studios


Taos, NM residential mural project. The white exterior stucco walls limits the heat gain in the summer from the sun. So use of solid and large areas of dark colors were limited. “The Desert is Blooming” could be the title, since not much grows here in this harsh south western environment. We added the colors and designs to enhance the otherwise rather standard look of this building.


Working closely with the clients to decide what images goes where is key. For example is the tall gate with the flowers inside created to reduce the glare from the sunset, yet still reflect a warm glow of orange and red hues back under the natural wooden shade arbor. The ambiance was changed from a very neutral whit house to one of personal touches with features that make visitors and people driving by in the neighborhood comment on what a wonderful change it is and how much they enjoy it as a new landmark. The exterior has over120 feet of running murals that continue around corners and incorporates the buildings windows and doors, the height varies up to 17 feet.


Sketches and color samples and reference drawing from my mural portfolio was used to communicate the visual end result of this ambitious project. Sometimes samples were painted directly on the walls to see if the approach would work and to see if the details were clear and would be visible from the desired distance.

Additional Information

The interior walls are also painted with murals that incorporate, change and enhance the existing features. A warm glowing orange was the base in the living room. The windows are treated with a 3-D raised paint effect. The kitchen and the bedrooms are also painted with murals. Even some of the furniture has been incorporated in this ambitious project.