Table - CODAworx


Submitted by Shu Ching Tan

Client: Mr. Chang

Location: New Taipei City, Taiwan, Province of China

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Shu-Ching Tan

Herzu Interior Design


Fishbone Design Co., Ltd.

Fishbone Design Co., Ltd.


This pendant lamp, named Table, is a LED lamp made of 8 pieces of wood plank and stainless steel component. The light is emitted in 3 ways, they are point, line and plane illuminant. The height of the lamp is adjustable. Light source is like a tree, the crisscross combination of wood plank act as the branches. This is a scene of ray of sun across the leaves with the sense of green and soft like wooden color. The design concept of Table is extended to the ceiling on the living room which symbolized the meaning of Inheritance.


This is a villa that a father wants to pass on to his son and generation. Therefore, inheritance is the center concept of the design. This is an empty lot when our client first approached us. Therefore, we start from scratch; from the exterior to the interior design. The idea of Table came from the image of people used to gather under the tree in old days. Nowadays, people will gather in the dining table with family. Therefore, inheritance manifested in the pendant lamp in the high ceiling of the dining room, is 400cm in height and it extended to the moulding ceiling in the living room.The wood planks are crisscrossed and are connected one after another, which implies sunlight falling through the leaves on the trees, where the family gather. We emphasize the message of HOME in this design, conveying the message of Inheritance.


Shu-Ching Tan(Tam) the Chief Designer of this project, after visioning the main concept of Inheritance, she selected the light source and wood as the materials of the lamp.We also consulted our lighting consultant and fabricator Fishbone Design Co., Ltd. in the making of the lamp.Since the height of the ceiling is around 400cm, we needed to create a comfortable dining ambience. During the installation, we discussed with our lighting consultant the weight tolerance of the pendant. Therefore, we chose steel wired rope to hang on the ceiling. To avoid the light being too dim due to high ceiling, we did not seal the each planks tightly so the light can emits through and be reflected onto the ceiling. This is a work that requires close communication between the designer, the lighting consultant, the wood fabricator, and the Electrical & Plumbing engineer of the project.

Additional Information

This project also reflect the isolation problems between people and nature, due to the evolution modernization life.