Suspended Sculpture at North Carolina Museum Of Art - CODAworx

Suspended Sculpture at North Carolina Museum Of Art


Location: Raleigh, NC, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Jane Cheek

Jane Cheek - Artist, LLC


Janis Trieber

North Carolina Museum Of Art


“The Sun Made The Sky And Meadow Glow That Day” is a site specific, ceiling suspended kinetic installation designed for the gift shop at the North Carolina Museum of Art.
This installation was inspired by an afternoon spent frolicking amongst nature and sculptures at the NCMA Museum Park. It is meant to evoke rays of sunlight dancing across plants and art as it edges close to the horizon and the joy that can be found in a simple moment taken to enjoy familiar surroundings. The work was created by hand painting sheets of polyester film before cutting the sheets into circles of varying sizes and sewing the circles into two foot long strands. The strands were then hung from carefully measured brass chain to create a kinetic sculpture that slopes from the handpainted wood panel towards the floor. The work contains roughly 250 strands composed of 1500 circles.

This piece was commissioned by the gift shop at the North Carolina Museum of Art and has a permanent home in the space.


Project goal was to create a visually anchoring ceiling suspended sculpture to serve as an activation for the museum gift shop.


I worked with museum staff to create a piece that was inspired by the grounds and used colors selected by the graphic design team. I also worked with staff in planning the scale, and installation logistics.