Super Catcher the Hard Weave - CODAworx

Super Catcher the Hard Weave

Client: Brad Kahlhamer

Location: Milwaukee, WI, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Foundry and Fabrication

Bollinger Atelier

Bollinger Atelier


Brad Kahlhamer


Brad Kahlhamer’s Super Catcher the Hard Weave was installed for the Sculpture Milwaukee’s “There is this We” exhibition. Measuring 5 feet in diameter and 125 lbs. cast aluminum, for this piece we did something a little different than normal. Taking the imagery of one of his drawings, we enlarged it to the final scale, created sand molds that he could carve into like a woodblock, and poured them.


A big part of how we went about this project was knowing how and where it was going to be presented in the show. Because it was going to be hung on a wire, it made sense to cast in aluminum rather than bronze for weight and cost reduction. Also since the cables were a criss-cross pattern the mounting placement had to in accordance to onsight measurements.