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Subculture Coffee Boca

Submitted by Renata Rodrigues

Client: Subculture Group

Location: Boca Raton, FL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team

Renata Rodrigues



Subculture Coffee commissioned me to paint indoor murals on their new location at Mizner Park and I had the absolute pleasure to create for them. I am at the end of this project, that also includes 3D artworks. The client had a couple ideas of the look he wanted and let me have a lot of control over the art, what made for an amazing collaboration.
The theme started with a photo of Salvador Dali and grew from there with thoughts of surreal coffee. Mock ups were presented and fine tuned.
The biggest wall is around 15’ x 19’ and I had to use a lift for that one. The other areas were more extensive in width, but I had to use only a 3 step ladder for that . All the mural was done in outdoor satin enamel paint and some areas with more wear I have applied a sealant. I do not work with spray cans and all my murals are done with paint brushes.
Artworks on the bathroom doors as well as a large piece painted on wood were done in my studio and after installed at the location.
I am still having an absolute blast with this project and plan to be done in the next 2-3 weeks.


The idea was to create a truly unique atmosphere that keeps surprising you around the corners and provides the public with an art experience while visiting the place. It tells a story, is pleasing to look at and is exciting to discover the art around the place.


The collaboration was only me and the client, owner of Subculture Coffee. It is a blessing when the client knows your work and trusts your professional experience with materials and design. This was a wonderful project created in a true collaborative atmosphere. No egos, no push backs, only the building of ideas and excitement to create something unique.

Additional Information

This is a hard one to take photos of. I can’t show it in it’s entirety as the art spreads across the place. I hope these give you a good idea.