Studio Ceiling Light - CODAworx

Studio Ceiling Light

Submitted by Martin Eichinger

Client: Art at the Geode

Location: Portland, OR, OR, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Martin Eichinger

Eichinger Sculpture Studio


Blaise McGettigan

Eichinger Sculpture Studio


Custom light created for Art at the Geode gallery in Portland, Oregon. Panels are poured epoxy resin with added pigments and colored glass crystals. Panels are shaped into a steel frame with diffused LED as the light source.


The building in which this gallery resides is "The Geode." A geode is a common Oregon rock. It is a geological secondary formation within sedimentary and volcanic rocks and can produce glass-like translucent displays of color and crystalline textures. There are multiple geode expressions integrated throughout this three-story building. They include poured resin counter tops, external animated LED light towers, and asymmetric skylights that allow light to penetrate through to lower floors. The goal of the custom studio light was to extend the geode theme into the building's retail area on the first floor.


Several of our studio members experimented with color and texture effects of epoxy resins for several months before the design for this project was finalized. Multiple layers of resin were poured into a flat form as the frame was constructed. Once the desired color was achieved, the flat sheet was cut and assembled. Minor modifications were made after installation to improve light diffusion and increase the visibility of the textures within each panel.