Stevenson University - CODAworx

Stevenson University

Submitted by Bart Walter

Client: Stevenson University

Location: Owings Mills, MD, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $205,000

Project Team

Landscape Architect

Baird Bailey

Alpha Landscaping


Bart Walter


Description: In a small grassy overlook between the gymnasium and stadium at Stevenson University, the commission was to create a dynamic sculpture of a mustang that integrated with the site while capturing the attention of all who pass by. Dimensions of sculpture 114″ x 48″ x 132″


A focal point was required at this barren site, because the overlook was built years ago with a future commissioned artwork in mind. Stevenson University's mascot is the Mustang, so the choice of subject was easy. The sculpture was designed to rear-up into the air, creating visual movement, and a strong diagonal: echoing the top line of the nearby stadium. Walter's work was chosen because of his dynamic and unique approach to surface - which gives a contemporary edge to classical forms.
The sculpture itself is designed as a symbol; an icon to embody the strength, speed, intelligence and adaptability of the wild Mustang. Bronze was chosen as the material of choice, in order to express a sense of everlasting permanence.


The collaboration between Bart Walter Studio, Baird Bailey of Alpha Landscaping, Gary Siegal of New Arts Foundry, and the staff of Stevenson University, was absolutely critical to this project. Each member lent their experience and expertise as appropriate. Egos were put on hold. The overriding goal was to create the best integrated artwork possible, and everyone seemed to realize the best way to accomplish that was to work together as a team.
Whenever possibilities or problems arose, consensus was sought before moving forward.
Whether it was at meetings on site, via email, or by phone, the lines of communication and cooperation remained open between team members: from inception through to installation and dedication of the space. By staging an elaborate dedication event to conclude the project, Stevenson University involved students, faculty, local dignitaries and the media, to formally give the sculpture and it's revamped overlook to the community at large.

Additional Information

In order to understand and communicate the core essence of wild Mustangs, Bart Walter traveled to, and was assisted by, over a dozen equine experts in MD, VA, WY, and MT. These men and women freely shared their knowledge, their time, and their expertise. It can not be overstated: teamwork and collaboration defined this project from beginning to end.