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Standard and Poor´s Corporate Offices

Submitted by ZVA Group

Client: Standard and Poor´s

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Completion date: 2014

Project Team

Interior Designer

Monique Veraart

ZVA Group


Standard and Poor's


The new headquarters of Standard and Poor's (S&P´s) are based in the financial district of Mexico City and are located in the Penthouse Floor of Park Plaza in Santa Fe. Standard and Poor´s occupies 3,400 usable m2 divided on two floors in this case, the Penthouse level with an additional Mezzanine. We first worked with Standard and Poor´s about twelve years ago when we designed their corporate offices in a nearby office building. This time around, S&P´s needed twice as much space for their present employees and future growth.


A harmonious blend of timeless materials including stone, glass, marble, wood, soft textiles and creative lighting provides a distinguished and stylish atmosphere. Splashes of color add interest and coziness to the space. The accent color in this case is red which was used sparingly throughout the space in areas such as the carpet, accent walls, lighting and furniture. Carefully selected art work was placed throughout the place and wonderful design pieces like for example light fixtures. All of these artwork, materials, furniture and design pieces were the key to the beautiful and balanced interior design that turned out. It was very important for us, as it is in every project, to carefull y select each piece to give a unique touch to each area of the offices. As a result, users and visitors are extremely comfortable and happy with the place.


We as interior designers, work among our office with Workspace specialists, Lighting specialists, Furniture specialists and other consultants. We always try to integrate all these areas to our projects and give them an important role everytime. In this case, it was no exception. We succesfully involved the designers, artists and consultants into the project by working in a collaborative environment.

Additional Information

As a result of the new planning, the office changed the way it used to work, allowing more communication between partners and employees through new casual collision areas and much more efficient spaces. All work services are height adjustable, even in the private offices and allow the employees to work comfortably throughout the day. In general, the m2 ratio per person has lowered substantially without sacrificing comfort and efficiency. The client is very pleased and excited with their new space, so much so, that employees from other locations would like to come and work in their Mexico Headquarters.