Client: Breaking the Bronze Ceiling, Lexington, Kentucky

Location: Lexington, KY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Barbara Grygutis

Barbara Grygutis Sculpture LLC


Bollinger Atelier


Breaking the Bronze Ceiling


Sited in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, STAND is the first public sculpture to honor historic women in the city. This monumental artwork commemorates the women suffragists who fought for the passing of the 19th Amendment which afforded women the right to vote. The artwork is composed in aluminum with integrated lighting and is 20’ H x 30’ W x 5’ D. The five, 20-foot aluminum silhouetted sculptures are a reminder of the historic significance of the women who pushed for suffrage, the achievement of the 19th Amendment, as well as the continuing fight for women’s rights, representation and equality. The silhouettes do not depict any specific woman as the movement for women’s suffrage was widespread. At night, the sculptures are illuminated from within to act as a community beacon around the clock.


The primary goal of this public artwork was to successfully commemorate the historic passing of the 19th amendment and the innumerable individuals who fought to realize it. The sculptures are inspired by historic women suffragists but do not represent any specific individual. My intent was to create a contemporary, accessible, and inclusive monument which engages and expands the public dialogue around the indispensable, locally significant women who continue to be instrumental in the Women’s Suffrage Movement.