Stainless Steel Mesh Sculpture-Flanmingo - CODAworx

Stainless Steel Mesh Sculpture-Flanmingo


Location: Perth, Australia

Completion date: 2016

Project Team

Sculpture artist

Wendi Zhang

Sculpture artist

Sculpture Manufactuer

Sino Sculpture Group Limited

Sino Sculpture Group Limited

Sculpture Exihibition

Sculpture by the Sea


The artist through to the steel mesh material performance assurance and explore understand and create the visual language with unique angle of view to form the unique personal artistic style. Works creative description: mi NO 5. The author used stencil fully and hazy texture shaped the flamingo nature is soft, light form, jumping, eye-catching Chinese red increase and strengthen the visual impact at the same time, more on modeling in naturally gathered form with peaceful, quiet, the external environment. Build a harmonious, ecological visual effect.


This artwork was exhibited in Sculpturebythesea – Cottesloe Australia in 2016, and won the Most Popular Award. Most visitors from whole of the world loved the artwork much.


Design, model optimization, fabrication, surface treatment, packing, shipping, installation.

Additional Information

It was made of transparent stainless steel mesh to create a group of dim and soft flamingo shapes. The eye-catching and jumping Chinese red not only increases the visual impact, but also gives them living life. Naturally gathered shapes combined with a harmonious natural environment create a contemporary theme of peace, greenness and ecology.