Sprinkle, Splatter, Scater - CODAworx

Sprinkle, Splatter, Scater


Location: Gulf Shores, AL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Cal Breed

Orbix Hot Glass

Project Manager

Matt Leavell


This commissioned wall piece was part of my original “Pelts and Lyrics” exhibition at Huntsville Museum of Art. Though they didn’t install the full piece, I worked alongside Matt Leavell to group several of the incalmo blown glass platters for their specific public space in the Gulf State Lodge.


In 2019, the lodge of the Alabama Gulf State Park commissioned a public sculptural wall installation entitled "Sprinkle, Splatter, Scatter." The committee needed a piece that represented clean water and to be inspirational to the viewer to seek ways to be more ecologically minded in their decision making and future choices for the sake of our current community and the future posterity that will inherit the stewardship of our natural resources and beauty. The overlapping concentric rings of blown glass pieces represent the skin of water rippling from a handful of rocks tossed out onto the surface. Nothing quite like the edge of a body of water to inspire wonder and contemplation. This piece was permanently installed on time and within their specific budget.