Spirit God Rising - CODAworx

Spirit God Rising

Submitted by Richard Warrington

Client: Steve Goebel

Location: Nine Mile Falls, WA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $13,500

Project Team


Richard Warrington


Steve Goebel, Homeowner


8'6″h x 3'w 2'5″d freestanding corten steel sculpture .


The client was looking for a free standing that would reach up to the heavens and boy was she happy when the installation was completed I also cut into the side of one of the copy the Title : SPIRIT GOD RISING .


This project was directly between the client and the artist it was a replacement work that was damage in a wind storm in 2014 !

Additional Information

This was a new direction for my work which I enjoyed very much looking forward producing more of this style of work. I currently have two other design available in this style .