Spectrum - CODAworx

Client: Quartier des Spectacles Partnership & Quays Culture

Location: Montréal, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


HUB Studio

HUB Studio


Quays Culture - Manchester

Quay Culture


This interactive installation sheds light on the phenomenon of communication, by displaying the path taken by the waves generated by voices and other sounds. Here, the fundamental means of interpersonal communication, speech, is disconnected from language. Instead, it becomes a cascade of waves and luminous pulses, illustrating the fascinating trajectories of sound. Watch as your message moves from one end of the circles to the other. You will see how small gestures can have a big impact. Spectrum is also a private listening experience, in which you are invited to engage with others in a sound-and-light dialogue.


The work illustrate new narrative form for public space, and invite active public participation. The installation advance the dialogue between residents and their city, thanks to the creators’ artistic contributions to discussions on issues affecting community life.

As the cultural heart of Montreal, the Quartier des spectacles boasts the largest concentration and diversity of cultural venues in North America. All year long, it is home to numerous festivals and events with plenty of free, outdoor offerings. The Quartier’s innovative urban amenities incorporate cutting-edge disciplines like lighting design, immersive environments and interactive digital spaces. Artistic videos are projected onto the facades of several Quartier buildings year-round. As a showcase for new multimedia technologies, the Quartier des spectacles positions Montreal as a world leader in the presentation of digital content in urban settings.

Quays Culture is the team behind the award-winning large-scale artistic works shown at Salford Quays, the home of MediaCityUK. Its arts program delivers exciting exhibits that put the spotlight on technology, creativity and digital innovation. Realized in cooperation with local talent and internationally acclaimed artists, Quays Culture’s art program ranges from the intimate to the monumental, inspiring visitors to see the public space in a whole new light.


Quartier des spectacles Partnership has formed a major international partnership with Quays Culture, an organization that presents temporary public art works and cultural events in Manchester, United Kingdom. Together, they have co-commissioned a new digital art installation to be exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic.

The two partners have joined forces to pursue their shared artistic goal: providing members of the public with a break in their day-to-day routines through bold, surprising and exciting works that capture spectators’ imaginations. Their partnership will give rise to the creation of an interactive and innovative digital work. In March 2018, Quays Culture and the Quartier des spectacles Partnership jointly issued a call for proposals to Quebec- and UK-based artists for the creation of an interactive outdoor digital work. Out of the roughly 20 submissions received, the proposal from Montreal multimedias studio HUB Studio was selected.

Additional Information

HUB is a multidisciplinary creative studio. We create, direct and produce meaningful multi-sensory experiences for live shows and public spaces. At the crossroads of arts, design and technology, we use creative technologies to touch people and tell stories on stage and in public places. With our unique theatrical approach, we make the world a stage through video projection and mapping, lighting, immersive environments and interactive technologies. With a creative team of designers and professionals, we lead every project through a simple and fluid process from ideas to reality.