SOMA Loft - CODAworx


Submitted by Jennifer Gustafson

Client: Private Client

Location: San Francisco, USA

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Jennifer Gustafson

Jennifer Gustafson Interior Design


Scott Idleman

Scott Idleman Art


Ruth Jacobsen

Jacobsen and Balla

Art Consultant

Lisa Chadwick

Dolby Chadwick Gallery


Shari Butalla

Modern Rustic Art


The scope of this project was to remodel and furnishing a 1,500 sf loft in the SOMA district of San Francisco for a software engineer who had moved to the Bay Area from Japan. The design intent was to create a simple, sophisticated and comfortable space that took advantage of the loft / gallery-like environment. JGID created an organic feel throughout the space with variations on a constant theme of calm palette and subtly layered finishes and textures. The art and textiles, supported by creative lighting design, highlight this otherwise calm and peaceful space.


The client has a really great eye for design and contemporary art, but we were starting pretty much from scratch. The overall design kept the future art collection in mind, setting a neutral foundation to allow color and shape to take the spotlight where it made sense. The linear ribbon piece in the Dining Niche added some much needed tension to the perfectly square space. In contrast, the hand-painted silk wall coverings in the Master Bath, reminiscent of board formed concrete, paid homage to the original industrial use of the structure.


We commissioned local artist, Scott Idelman, to create "Light to Dark" panel installation for the dining room. I'm really familiar with Scott's work and love its use of strong graphics and color and thought one of his pieces would be perfect for the project. We met with him to collaborate about how we envisioned the piece being installed, reviewed the palette of the space and what we wanted the piece to evoke emotionally. He totally nailed it and the piece is hands down everyone's favorite piece in the space.

Additional Information

This was one of those dream projects where everyone involved was a true collaborator and brought their best to the process. Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco was one of those important players. Lisa Chadwick has an amazing roster of artist and her team totally got the direction we wanted the client's collection to go. They provided pieces that worked perfectly with the commissioned pieces and helped set the foundation for an amazing collection that will continue to grow.