Shoreline Project - CODAworx

Shoreline Project

Submitted by ET PROJECTS

Client: Laguna Art Museum

Location: Laguna Beach, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team

Artistic Vision

Elizabeth Turk

Elizabeth Turk Studios

Head of Photography

Erik Thienes

Floating Lantern Production Co


Lara Wilson

The Assembly Dance Company


Shoreline Project offers communities a platform to actively participate in the environment around them. This collective action encourages a shift in perspective from the belief that natural boundaries exist as boundaries rather than shared resources. This work was founded on the belief that art brings people together, in an inclusive way, and celebrates our intrinsic human connection to the natural world. Shoreline Project brings communities together as the first step in imagining solutions to these existential issues.


1. Addressing the mental health of communities, in a one-hour flash art event one thousand volunteers gathered at the shoreline and in unison, lit their umbrellas to the cue of local musicians. Through dance, laughter and sheer joy, former strangers turned into friends, forgetting their differences and embracing the power of creativity.
2. Shoreline Project is a living, breathing creative experience for all. Our video shorts become imagery for screens and projections in public spaces. We ask: why does advertising have a monopoly on public airspace, shouldn’t it be the face of local communities?


1. Over a year of planning went into Shoreline Project: designing and constructing illuminated umbrella props, interacting and developing relationships with over a thousand community volunteers, measuring and mapping the beach, studying the tides, choreographing dance prompts for igniting spontaneity, inspiring local musicians, and storyboarding videography for drones and on-the-ground photographers — all the while self fundraising.

Additional Information

The initial success of the Shoreline Project inspired us to cross the Pacific Ocean celebrating the commonality of communities and underscoring the question: boundary or resource? The second venue was to be Vientienne Laos along the edge of the Mekong in the Fall of 2020. We look forward to executing the larger vision in the years to come with shoreline venues from Chile to Australia to Korea and beyond.