Seascapes - CODAworx


Submitted by Izumi Tanaka

Client: Jack's on Montana

Location: Santa Monica, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Jack, restaurant owner

Jack's On Montana


Titano Cruz, Printer

Universal Art Gallery


Izumi has found a creative outlet on her iPhone. These photographs were selected from a growing series entitled “Seascapes.” Thus far she has 26 images in the series, all shot on her iPhone while she was on her early morning walks on the beach. She selecting the six most captivating images to hang on six sections of the brick wall in this Santa Monica restaurant.


The goal was to select soothing images to accompany the dining space. Images that would be familiar to the clientele and that they would find both appealing and intriguing. This restaurant's clientele includes many sophisticated art lovers; they expect to see work that fits the environment beautifully, and they are always interested in knowing more about the art and the artists.


The key conversation Izumi and the restaurant owner had was about placement. Did they want to accent each section with one photograph or densely populate each section with a number of photographs? The simple squares felt best. Since the walls are brick, having white frames to make them stand out was great decision too. Printing these images was also a very collaborative process between Izumi and Titano, her printer. Because of the nature of these images, the fact that they were iPhone images, determining the size was critical to the experience of the work. As the prints got larger, the painterly quality increased beyond what appealed to Izumi. The two sizes that work best are 11.5 x 11.5 and 8" x 8" printed on eSatin Photographic Paper with archival pigment ink. These are printed in editions of 15 and 20 respectively.