Sea Serpent - CODAworx

Sea Serpent

Submitted by Chris Williams

Client: Cape Ann Museum

Location: Gloucester, MA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Chris Williams

Chris Williams Sculpture


Oliver Barker

Cape Ann Museum


A Sea Serpent sits on top of vintage Cape Ann granite blocks. Serpent is hand-fabricated and forged in bronze. The blocks are used as the base for this giant sea creature. Custom glass fills the seams between each block, forming a glass mortar effect. This glass feature is lit from within, creating a gentle light between the granite stones.
Approximate size for this piece is 9’ tall with a 7’ base.

We’re very honored and grateful to have created the Gloucester Sea Serpent for the Cape Ann Museum.


Generations of fisherman have returned from their time at sea with stories of a giant sea serpent lurking among the waves. It was the folklore of the Gloucester sea serpent that inspired the Cape Ann Museum to have a Sea Serpent created as an entry piece that would excite their visitors with the stories of the deep.