Samantha - CODAworx


Client: Julian Voss-Andreae

Location: Jackson Hole, WY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Julian Voss-Andreae


3D Printed for Direct Casting
The two digital models were 3D Printed in an investable material to be cast without molds. The figures are installed at a private residence in Jackson, Wyoming. Both sculptures are based on the same model in different poses, one is a 10′-0″ tall outdoor bronze and the other one a 8′-3″ tall stainless steel and kiln-formed colored glass work.


The outdoor piece stands at the crossroads of three paths and a long corridor inside the house with a large window allowing a full view of the work. Inside, in the main living room at the end of the corridor, stands the sister piece in colored glass.


The artist's model was divided into castable segments and 3D Printed. The prints were infused with wax and cast in bronze and stainless steel.

Additional Information

Both works share the design idea of using a triangular structure that defines the shape of the body. In the case of the outdoor bronze piece, the triangular structure is extended into a space-filling tessellation of irregular tetrahedra made from round rods of bronze.