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Sam Stewart – Daisy Chain Exhibition


Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Sam Stewart


Volume Gallery

Metal Fabrication

Vector Custom Fabricating


Daisy Chain is Sam Stewart’s latest exhibition at Volume Gallery in Chicago, IL. Through this exhibit Stewart explores the mundanity and curiosity of everyday objects often found in suburban homes. Utilizing material and scale shifts Stewart walks the line of both the uncanny and the absurd. He applies methods of production typically witnessed within the design world to further deliver his thinking. Working with fabricators allows him to focus the viewer’s attention on the manipulated objects at play and the responses they elicit.

Vector worked with Volume Gallery and Sam Stewart on the fabrication of all of the metal components of this show, which included artworks titled Yeeted Image, Privacy Screen, and Dad Joke. Our early involvement in the process allowed us to collaborate with both the artist and the gallery on bringing this exhibition from concept to reality. Vector’s understanding of structural nuances and knowledge of processes and materials helped ensure the artist’s conceptual framework was not obscured.


To elicit a conversation. For example, when does a modified object begin to lose its original associations?