Saint Michael vs Satan Mural - CODAworx

Saint Michael vs Satan Mural

Submitted by Elijah Thane Art


Location: Cumberland, MD, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Elijah Thane

Elijah Thane Art

Artist and Videographer

Marlee Lynn

Elijah Thane Art


This captivating Renaissance painting remake transforms an ordinary wall into a large-scale masterpiece. 7.5′ tall by about 10′ wide. Elijah used acrylic paint to create this mural. This work of art is inspired by Guido Reni’s version from 1635, and Elijah adds a mdoern twist with bright, bold colors and exaggerated features.


Elijah's goal with this mural was to show that anything is possible when it comes to making murals. Not only can he create simple, abstract murals that are universal and interpretive, but he can also create archetypal, life-like stories with his paintbrush.