Sacro Bosco - CODAworx

Sacro Bosco

Client: European Cultural Council

Location: Venice, Italy

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Daniel Goldstein

Daniel Goldstein Studio

Industry Resource

Corey Kapellas

Daniel Goldstein Studio


Terran Sobel-Smith


Sacro Bosco is made up of two wall related kinetic pieces. Each consists of dye sublimation printed aluminum panels which are attached to the wall. In front of these back wall panels 13 vertical double sided panels ranging in size from 10”x 8’ to 6”x 8’ rotate slowly. They are animated only by ambient air currents. Directly in front of these panels is a frame which is also suspended from the ceiling. The gradations along with the movement creates a confusion of perception so that the viewer loses track of foreground and background. Watch the video.


These pieces were created for an exhibition in Venice in conjunction with the Architectural Biennale. It was important for me to use colors that such Venetian artists as Giovanni Bellini used in his paintings.