Sacred Demoiselle Lotus (Jiva Medical Spa Mural 2) - CODAworx

Sacred Demoiselle Lotus (Jiva Medical Spa Mural 2)

Submitted by Nicholas Schukay

Client: Jiva Medical Spa

Location: Columbus, OH, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $1,500

Project Team


Nicholas Schukay

Schukay Artistry

Doctor Nanda

Jiva Med Spa


7ft x 3ft
Water-based latex paint/ Acrylic paint
Work in progress

The Sacred Demoiselle Lotus is the second mural in a collection of murals I have been forging for Jiva Medical Spa. This one is located in the changing area of the massage department of Jiva Spa. The mural is of a woman growing from a lotus under the night sky with water reflecting a pause in time and creatures breaking through. The piece actually has a twin in another room which will be completed in the upcoming months.


The concept was a combination between Doctor Nanda and me, where he wished for a tranquil piece to give the clients a calming demeanor. Dr. Nanda wanted a feminine piece to separate the two rooms without displaying a male and female sign and he wanted me to include a lotus. I worked alongside me with the concept sketch and final design. Working with my clients is the most important beginning of any piece.


Well, Doctor Nanda informed me of what he wished the piece to include. I began sketching some simple concept sketches and found my models for the pieces. After getting his approval for the design, I forged a final design and started my transfer.