RV Remodel - CODAworx

RV Remodel

Submitted by AK Studios

Client: RV Remodel

Location: Mobile, AL, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Andrea Steuck

AK Studios

Art Consultant

Kevin Schuhl

AK Studios


Sarah and her husband made the decision to work and live on the road. After purchasing an RV, they approached us to remodel the interior and exterior to be both more functional and livable, and to better express their personalities.


Turn a stock RV into a functioning mobile office and permanent residence that was more suited to a young couple.


Andrea worked with Sarah to create a more personalized and appealing interior, as well as to repurpose the RV to serve as a mobile office. They arrived at retro/ southwest Navajo theme that focused on creating a brighter, more open feel. Previously dark curtains and pleather furnishings were replaced whites and splashes of color. A fold out sofa became a modern, clean daybed, and the dining table was swapped out in favor of a modern butcher block top with retro style booth seating. An office was created from an existing second bedroom, replacing twin bunk beds with a large desk, ample storage and plenty of workspace. Finally, the exterior was given a graphic overhaul with the stock "wave and swirl" look being replaced with a bold tri-colored Navajo motif that reflected many of the interior details.