Rock Candy River - CODAworx

Rock Candy River

Submitted by Jenni Ward

Client: Pacific Edge Climbing Gym

Location: Santa Cruz, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Jenni Ward


Pacific Edge Climbing Gym

Pacific Edge Climbing Gym


The Rock Candy River at Pacific Edge Climbing Gym in Santa Cruz CA is a temporary installation inspired by the flow of water and how it shapes the land. The hard angled ceramic shapes juxtapose the curvy flow of the form to create a dynamic visual engagement. This installation is about 9′ x 5′ x 1′ but it can be modified for smaller spaces as it is completely modular.


I spend a lot of time at the gym and I know that this piece was inspired by my time spent there. Each of the ceramic shapes is reminiscent in shape and color of the holds that are used in the climbing gym to set climbing routes. Those holds are made from carved foam which is then cast to create the plastic forms used on the wall. Although not cast, my ceramic forms were created in a similar manner of shaping and forming. I feel that the layout of the piece speaks of a path or a journey whether that is the flow of water or the route of a climber.


The artist Jenni Ward created the work, designed the layout, proposed the installation and worked with the staff at the gym to install the work.