Rhythm and Hues - CODAworx

Rhythm and Hues

Submitted by D'arte Designs, LLC

Client: City of Las Vegas, Office of Cultural Affairs

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Denise R. Duarte

Public Art Agent

Las Vegas Arts Commission


Rhythm and Hues is inspired by the arts center that once included a library. It references marbled end papers of vintage books and alludes to the lyrical nature of the center with an energetic palette with diverse rhythmic waves of color referencing the vibrancy of movement and music with a fluid visual composition. The mural’s shape alludes to the musical symbol the Crochet or quarter rest. The punctuated pause in music, drama, comedy, writing or visual art, allows us to savor the exquisite, feel the emotion, sense a transition, set the pace or take a moment to simply breathe.


The commission was for an artwork for the façade of the Charleston Heights Arts Center, a community resource offering classes, exhibitions and performances to audiences of all ages. The artwork will accomplish the following:
Visually enhance the building while considering the architecture; Provide texture and color to the building; Offer both a micro and macro perspective by appealing to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic; Attract new visitors to the building; Take into account that the building hosts events/classes for children; Consider the demographics of the neighborhood and furthers the neighborhood’s identity; Speak to the function of the building. These goals of the Las Vegas Arts Commission were essential for the final design and they actually provided the inspiration for the artwork. The mural is five feet wide by 16 feet in height but makes its statement on the large building with its vibrant color and fluid design.


The artist met with interested stakeholders to determine their needs and desires for the artwork. The original site for the mural had to be changed because of construction and engineering requirements. The artist worked with the stakeholders in selecting the final alternate site for the mural.