Resonate - CODAworx


Client: New York Proton Center

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team



New York Proton Center

Art Consultant

Michelle Cabral

Art Rep, Inc.


Lea de Wit


hand-blown glass, approximately 68”H x 84”W


The artist was asked to design a feature art piece for the main lobby at the New York Proton Center in NYC, NY. After learning more about the client, the center, & the type of cancer treatment, the artist, in collaboration with the art consultant, Art Rep, Inc., conceived of a piece that would echo the radial formation of the massive equipment used to treat cancer at this center as well as the client logo. This type of cancer treatment is undergone by patients of all ages but, often times, by children as it has a lower radiation load than other types of cancer therapy. As such, the piece was meant to be bright, cheerful, & appeal to a broad age range of audience. This feature art piece was also intended to tie in well with the contemporary space & the vibrant colors of the interior materials including the focal accent colors of lime greens & orange / gold tones that were present throughout the interior &, even in the logo.


I collaborated closely with the art consultant on this project from the initial design phases through design revisions into fabrication. Having worked with the art consultant before on other major works, we have developed a strong relationship based on open lines of communication as well as mutual respect & trust. Because of the importance of color in the space & how it was carried into the artwork, the art consultant & I conferred through all the stages of design from preliminary sketches to color studies to ensure a tight integration with the client’s space. Overall, it is an incredibly successful piece with how well it integrated with the built environment while bringing an uplifting & positive energy to the main lobby space through the energy of the design & the incorporation of vibrant colors.