Regie - CODAworx


Submitted by Richard Aitken

Client: Forest Edge Recreation Camp

Location: Waroona, Australia

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $2,000

Project Team



Window Film Star


Chris Manger



Graeme Watson

Forest Edge Recreation Camp


Forest Edge Recreation Camp (FERC) was destroyed in the 2016 Yarloop bushfire. The plan was to rebuild the dormitory as per the previous design as it was very functional, but the exterior was basically just a big shed (see photo). I wanted to create an interesting feature to an otherwise lifeless entry point for the camp dormitory. Cost was a mitigating factor so it was important to get some company sponsors on board to help keep this to a minimum. The overall length of the dormitory is 35mtrs so in the end Regie was in excess of 40mtr.


The entry to the dormitory desperately required a statement piece to transform the building into a piece of architecture. The dormitory was rebuilt as a structure that was primarily suited to the functionality of what was required inside. How Regie responds to the physical obstacles on the exterior (windows/doors/gangway and downpipes etc), was part of the story of the piece and its artistic statement. ie - our lives are never in a straight line going up and on, and that in life we are constantly hitting problems and issues of all shapes and sizes. This analogy with Regie and what FERC tries to teach the camp participants about life through the camp's activities is very relevant. The design was also intended to look similar to some of the Australian indigenous art with the correlation of the lines of the corrugated material. This directional design throughout the piece provides connection for the earths people and the pathway of their lives.


As our clients were under-insured, there was a great need to build "Regie" for as small a cost as possible. Colorbond Australia were approached to see if they would donate the materials and they agreed to do so. This was a great moment as the project may not have eventuated otherwise due to budget constraints, many thanks to them. Other small donations were made along the way and all my labour donated as part of the contribution to help get the FERC's business back up and running.

Additional Information

In 2016 a catastrophic bushfire destroyed the business of our friends of 40 years. They run an adventure camp that teaches self-esteem, self-confidence, teamwork and positive mindset through activities such as absailing, rockclimbing, pamper pole and many more. Destroyed were the 140 bed dormitory and activity infrastructure, effectively shutting the business down. The community rallied behind them as a local business employing in excess of 30 people. "Regie" being short for regeneration was my contribution. The video narration tells how the piece relates to life and overcoming adversity. "Regie" was built as a labour of love.