Reflexion - CODAworx


Submitted by Gordon Hoople

Client: City of San Diego

Location: La Jolla , CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


San Diego Arts Commission


With its three mirrored columns and individually rotatable prisms, Reflexion is a meditation on the competing, overlapping, distorting, and clarifying roles played by lenses, filters, and frames in contemporary life. Yet, just when all seems lost, Reflexion reminds us of our power — to take control and to change perspectives. Stand between them, and multiple perspectives helps us see the impossible, and perhaps notice what we’ve missed.

Reflexion was commissioned through the City of San Diego’s Park Social initiative for a temporary installation in La Jolla, CA and is available for temporary or permanent placement. The prisms three sides feature a fixed mirror, concave mirror, and convex mirror creating the unique reflective experience. Programmable LED animations can be custom tailored to match a site specific color palette and mood.


Encourage visitors to stop, smile, and engage.