Red Nessie”” - CODAworx

Red Nessie””

Submitted by Delos Van Earl

Client: Janellia Farms Research Campus

Location: Ashburn , VA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Jack Devine

Art Consultant

Katie Giganti

Artist Circle Fine Art


16′ X 16′ X 52′, oil enamel on steel. “Red Nessie” stems from the concept that we only see that which is on the surface, or above ground. The truth of life is that what we do not see or cannot understand, we imagine. This concept takes the floating, spiraling, serpentine and ribbon-like line of the sculpture that is above ground and lets it be graceful and playful and light. The other half of “Red Nessie”, the underground unseen half that is imagined, is solid, heavy and mysterious. The juxtaposition of one half against the other is the intrigue.


The goal was to create a piece of sculpture that would have a relationship to the lake on the grounds of Janellia Farms. The clients wanted a piece that would be highly visible and breathtaking from a distance and work as an interactive meeting place for corporate functions.


I worked directly with Jack Devine from Artists Circle and he worked directly with the client.