Reciprocity - CODAworx


Client: Reno Arts Council

Location: Reno, NV, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Hunter Brown

Innovative Sculpture Design LLC

Fabrication Assistant

Chandler George

Innovative Sculpture Design

Fabrication Assistant

Richard Whaley III

Innovative Sculpture Design


Reciprocity is a 30′ monumental sculpture constructed in marine grade stainless steel. The piece is erected at the center of a gateway roundabout located in Reno, Nevada’s Midtown District. We were awarded the project by the Reno Arts Council in 2019 and completed the project in November 2020.


Reciprocity is composed of several forms coming together and intersecting at its center around a reflective sphere. The sphere reflects the people moving around as they come and go in the community. The piece represents this idea of coming together and working with one another for the greater good.

The piece has great scale and presence in the space. We wanted to create something that would have great visual impact from a distance without overpowering the roundabout. We also wanted to create a piece with great movement and visual interest from all angle, with an understanding that the piece will be viewed from all angles, often.