Reach - CODAworx


Submitted by Paula Bowers

Client: Mercy Health Hospital

Location: Muskegon, MI, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $14,500

Project Team


Paula Bowers

Art Consultant

Karen Paul

Corporate Portfolio


Megan Akselberg

Mercy Health


“REACH” is approximately 14’ wide, 5’ high and 12” deep Hand felted using custom dyed Merino wool and shimmering strands of silk. Built on an open wood frame, canvas and polyfil sculpture to create the shapes.


The goal was to create a textural sculpture that would aid in sound softening. Create a colorful design to inspire Love, Peace and Hope while visiting the hospital chapel. Who doesn’t want to “Reach” for that while visiting a loved one suffering or recovering in the hospital. The high window walls and right angles begged for something with soft shapes. Healing color was an important part of this process.


I submitted 3 concepts for this space. While presenting my drawings, random people and a minister stopped in while visiting the hospital. They volunteered their thoughts on why the space needed this work, how it made them feel, full of hope, something to contemplate. After this, they voted on which concept they all liked. Each chose the same. I found this interesting as it is always the first drawing clients choose. When asked why, I replied, it comes from my heart. The others come from my head because it’s nice to have options. A template was made and put on the wall for size and placement. It was accepted and the process of creating the series was begun.