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Cube Tower

Submitted by Ralfonso Gschwend


Location: Changchun, China

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Ralfonso Gschwend


Changchun International Sculpture Park in China


RALFONSO – CUBE TOWER 8m (26ft) tall is a wind-driven, kinetic sculpture, created from mirror polished stainless steel. Light and Shadow play on the different angled faces, counter-pointed by the square wind – channels. Due to the different orientation of the wind-channels, the cubes rotate in alternating directions.

Cube Tower was unveiled September 2012 at Changchun International Sculpture Park in China. It is only the second Kinetic Wind Sculpture in this, the largest Sculpture Park in the world, with over 600 large sculptures.

The first Kinetic Wind Sculpture was RALFONSO – UNION –


The objective was to create an iconic MOVING landmark sculpture, which would reflect the surrounding landscape, the sky, earth, forests, lakes - and most importantly, - the viewers, as the gigantic cubes slowly rotate in the wind.

The 9m (30ft) (with base) kinetic sculpture is visible from far and wide and attracts the visitors to this place of rest and contemplation.


Ralfonso worked closely with the landscape architect and curator, as well as with the sculpture park administration and the city officials, to select and integrate this reflective and moving beacon into the best location in the park.

Additional care was taken to provide benches and for inviting rest areas at the multilevel sculpture base with view of the lake.