Rainbow Village Mural - CODAworx

Rainbow Village Mural

Submitted by Aniko Doman

Client: Over the Rainbow Pediatric Urgent Care

Location: Las Vegas, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


April Long

Over the Rainbow Pediatric Urgent Care


Aniko Doman


Whimsical fairy tale village and countryside folk art mural in a pediatric urgent care waiting room. The mural extends and wraps to two adjacent waiting room areas, over 150 feet long at 13 feet tall. Actual functioning playhouse is part of the design.


Artist hired by the owner/operator/medical staff of the clinic directly to collaborate in creating a new medical facility for children. The mural was part of an extensive remodeling effort. The goal of the mural was to fill the waiting room and reception area with color and a 'story' to make visitors welcome and feel as if they have walked into a children's story book.


Collaboration between client and artist started early in the remodeling process and influenced many of the consequent interior design and decorating choices for the entire facility. Choosing whimsical folk art as the most prominent style of decorating was influenced by the client's personal history and memories. Artist's task was to integrate the vivid colors of the rainbow into the design of mostly outdoor scenery. Hence the idea was born to create a rainbow village and adjoining countryside, populated by both realistic and imaginary residents.

Additional Information

Other collaborators were the client's family members and children, especially the youngest one, a very intelligent 5 years old boy. Many figures on the mural were his wishes to integrate, such as the train, the firefighter and the lake "he could launch his boat on." At the end, the mural turned the reception area and waiting room into a welcoming place to hang out not only for patients but the client's family as well. Also integrated into the design was two hand-crafted wooden logo of the clinic, one at the reception area and the other at the inner hallway.