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rag & bone New York Fashion Week Show 2020

Client: rag & bone

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


LDJ Fashion Production Team

LDJ Productions


rag & bone Creative Team

rag & bone


rag & bone tasked Limelight with creating over 14 minutes of original content. The goal was to break free from the typical fashion show, and create an experience that left the audience equally excited about the clothing collection and in person experience. The curved screen measured 106 feet wide by 16 feet tall and was projection mapped using 10 Panasonic 20k lumen projectors.


Marcus Wainwright, CEO and founder of rag & bone, tasked Limelight with not just creating a projection mapping artwork, but highlighting the heritage of the brand while delivering a narrative about the state of our planet. To achieve this ambitious goal, the team was divided into groups and tasked with building unique worlds, under the guidance of Art Director Csaba Világosi. To highlight the history of the brand, 3 seperate teams took on recreating New York, the Glastonbury countryside and an incredibly dynamic recreation of London. It was equally important to the client for the artwork to deliver a message about the state of our climate and the hope for redemption. This was achieved by integrating sections of where you can see a beautifully rendered planet earth on fire, artfully integrated images of the planet while delivering a message of hope by starting the show with a broken deity that in the end rejoins in a moment of higher consciousness.


Integrating a world class 14 minute visual artwork with a fashion show presents some unique production issues. Typically, fashion shows “looks” are finalized the week of the show and changes are often made right up until the day of the show. Ideally, most projection mapping firms would want (if not need) 2-3 months to produce a completely custom show of this length. Limelight was able to pull this off in just over three weeks. This required diligent team management from our Art Director and a producer who was in constant contact with the client. Not to mention regular updates with LDJ, the production company responsible for the management. In the end, while there were new versions and renders being pushed until the morning of the show, all teams worked together to pull off an incredible event, that many within rag & bone stated was their best production ever.