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R-Lounge / La Maison

Submitted by tima bell

Client: R-Lounge

Location: Los Angeles, California (CA), United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Tima Bell

Relativity Architects


Scott Sullivan

Relativity Architects


This is a decorative wall for a mid-high end Night Club. The Club is around 2400 sq.ft. and the wall is 20'.


The overall design impetus was one of shadows and reflection. Throughout the space there are numerous hidden details-either decals of strange creatures hiding behind booths or wallpaper of shadows of people dancing to "enlarge" the dance floor. This was the longest wall in the space and we needed to gain depth. The wall is basically made up of a black mirror back and a glass front sandwiching a plastic "snap-together" system of algae stands. It's only about 1/4" thick, but because of the lighting and the double reflectivity, it takes on the desired effect of an algae field.


I was the designer of the club; he assembled and installed the entire system.

Additional Information

It still resonates with the customers. Almost anytime I drop by, inevitable there is an inspection by an interested party that results with an attempt to discover it's true depth.