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Ventus Vitae (Winds of Life)

Submitted by John Luebtow

Client: Held Properties

Location: Century City, California, United States

Completion date: 2008

Project Team


John Luebtow

John Gilbert Luebtow

Art Consultant

Xiliary Twil


Joe Held

Held Properties


Dimensions: 12'ht x 55″w. x 15″ d) To create a sculpture that would engage the building occupants, lift their spirits, bring a moment of tranquility, peace and beauty, be the focal point in the plaza using Glass,stone, water, light (natural day /artificial night), sound and movement.I want my work to communicate that art is a thing of beauty. That it can provide people with an experience that is uplifting and positive, that they walk away from an encounter with my work feeling a sense of exuberance and exhilaration about life.


The Art Consultant was Xiliary Twil and it was emphasized by Ms. Twil and the client that this was the center piece of the plaza. Everyone entering and exiting would encounter its presence. We were all free to present whatever we thought was appropriate. This was a competition with 12 artists with extremely divergent and different approaches, narrowed to 5 who built models and did final presentations.


Once the artist selection process was completed the developer and consultant were 100% behind the concept. I designed all of the project, fabricated and installed the glass and support structures. Construction contractors were commissioned to do the plumbing, concrete ,electrical , etc. the trades in general, all done based on my design and in consultation me. At 70 years of age my creative process has pretty much developed from a one person operation . Each project is unique so to hire laborers and train them to do what I do is veritably a waste of time. When physical "bodies " are needed to move or set up phases of each project I have a group of "friends" that I hire to aid me. Some have been around for over 30 years, so we work well together and each one knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

Additional Information

Movement and motion of the viewer and the water are an integral part of the concept.For water, its visual and emotional quality yielding sound,motion and movement ; for viewer participation, their movement affects their visual interpretation of the overlapping parallel lines and geometric shapes which create continuous undulating moire' patterns of change . The linear action constantly changes as the viewers position changes.