Spin - CODAworx


Client: Berry Plastics

Location: Evansville, IN, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $27,000

Project Team


Myra Burg

Myra Burg

Art Consultant

Chris Jackson

Evansville Museum


Vibrant, colorful textural fiber, modern, dimensional wall installation on a 12'w x 18'h field. This commercial installation was placed before the building was completed.


Modern and fun, Chris Jackson of the Evansville Museum brought this project to me. Although we'd never met, this one had a specific time window which caused me to be in two places at once. (Doable. Three becomes tricky.) The dates were critical, requiring me to be onsite less than 24 hours after a show in Scottsdale Arizona.


Chris is such a delight to work with. I was tight for time (typical) and cut up some postcards, sprinkled them on a sheet of paper and slightly organized them. The design was loose. The actual installation was about 32 individual Quiet Oboes, 11 of them quite large, with the installation plane well above head height. Each piece was a trip into the air with a cherry picker, me in the air, and Chris on the groundplane. She was wonderful.

Additional Information

It was a schedule ballet requiring three airplanes through three airports to get to Kentucky, then drive through whisky farms (I don't know too much about whiskey) and snow to get to Evansville, ID. It was a spectacular trip and a whole load of fun.