"Forces" - CODAworx


Submitted by Harry Weber

Client: Stifel Inc.

Location: St Louis, MO, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $530,000

Project Team


Harry Weber



Dean Sutton

The Lawrence Group

Industry Resource

Vlad Zhitomirsky

VMD Sculpting

Industry Resource

Eric Schwede

Ad Astra Art Foundry


“Forces” is a symbolic representation of the forces at work in the financial market represented by a sculpture of a Bull and Bear in equal combat. It took a year to complete. It measures 12'x12'x12' and weighs almost five tons.


The Lawrence Group (a leading architectural firm in St. Louis,MO) contacted me to suggest a representational sculpture for the most visible corner of the Stifel Inc. Headquarters building located at the corner of Broadway and Washington Streets. An ongoing collaboration between the architects and the artist produced an outcome in which the lines of the building and the site preparation were used to highlight and "frame" the sculpture making it a major attraction in downtown St. Louis.


The symbolic nature of the piece was set forth by the CEO of Stifel, who wanted an equal battle between the opposing forces in the market. Unlike all other statues of Bulls and Bears in representing the financial community in which the Bull Market is the desired winner, Stifel wanted to be known for understanding the flow of both forces, thereby better serving their clients.