Project XOX - CODAworx

Project XOX

Client: Private

Location: Boulder, CO, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Artist, Designer, Photographer

Gail Folwell

Folwell Studios


Dallas Barber

East Pearl Studios


Daniel N. Johnson

Daniel N. Johnson


PROJECT XOX is a movement, an iconic brand and a worldwide traveling call to action; contributing your image, a profile portrait blowing a kiss, is a participational commitment to regarding every other human with compassion. A humankind-centered collaborative art installation that celebrates the spectacular diversity of our planet. It is cultural, philosophical, religious and personal. It is acceptance, unity and peace. To blow a kiss is a universally recognized gesture, an iconic image and afrom each person, a commitment to accept all others on earth with love.


Your face might show up on the other side of the planet, in graffiti, on a bumper sticker, in a digital mural 40 feet tall, in parks, on consumer products, on sneaker footprints in the sand. Every time you see the profile of someone blowing a kiss you know that person is blowing a kiss to you, and every human being on earth. It’s the digitally connected, globally conscious, 21st century ‘Have a Nice Day’ t-shirt. It means ‘I LOVE HUMANS’


I've been amassing and editing profile portrait images of people blowing a kiss, some mine, some contributed, for more than a year to develop the initial iteration of this vision. It makes a case for two things mainly, 1) just how stunning the diversity of the human race is and, 2) this is what peace looks and feels like when we regard each other with compassion.

Additional Information

We are one species, one tribe and no existence is accidental. The diversity of our looks, our choices, our ideas, our passions, is what makes up this brilliant, inventive, creative, dynamic campus called earth. In a world so digitally connected, we are an overwhelmingly disconnected population. The platforms we use to gain connection are increasingly driving alienation and loneliness. Connection is necessary to our humanity. We are here to learn, teach, inspire or heal – with each other. Our focus drives hate or love, progress or recession. I long to find light where I see darkness, understanding the space where conflict arises. Art is my conduit to the sublime nature of our shared existence. Art is my math. I formulate equations that solve problems for me. In all my work, I am interested in visually explaining what it looks like to connect or be disconnected. Profound things happen when u stop concerning yourself with what’s going on out there and address what you are contributing. I speak, think and express myself in images and art. Project XOX - let the beauty of our differences unite us.