Pimlico INSPIRE / Space Transformation - CODAworx

Pimlico INSPIRE / Space Transformation

Submitted by WGF Studios

Client: Baltimore City Department of Planning / 21st Century INSPIRE Program

Location: Baltimore , MD, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team

Creative Director

Whitney G Frazier

WGF Studio

Muralist & Photographer

Crystal Micriotti

Community School Coordinator

Malkia Pipkin

Park Heights Rennaissance

Dept. of City Planning

James Ashford

Baltimore City

Fabricator / Sculptor

Dave Schepper


Large Scale Placemaking, Collaborative Horizontal Murals, Fence weaving, and Abstract Steel Sculpture to address unsafe routes for students to travel to local school, % of homeowners declining, desire for beautification, need a place for kids to peacefully play and interact


20+ volunteers from Park Heights neighborhood and other areas of Baltimore City contributed to painting and beautification of the Pimlico triangle park, 12 middle school students engaged in design workshops and implementation of project, parents and residents asking “What’s next? We want more!”, additional slots money funds 100k allocated to next phase of wayfinding project for 2020


Partnership with city planning and local Elementary/Middle School, design workshops with youth, door knocking, community art events that engaged residents in the painting process, worked with Department of Transportation for road closures and approval, special events permits