Picazo - CODAworx


Submitted by Linda Dumont

Client: Al and Linda Picazo's Home

Location: Austin, USA

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Linda Dumont


Al and Linda Picazo


This project was a luxury condominium in Austin TX. The client loved my abstract work. They selected key pieces and then added more over time. They initially had seen my installation at Saks Fifth Avenue in Austin. The loved the vibrance of the work and the ambiance it created in the store. They wanted that feeling in their home.


The art became a big part of their environment. It compliments the modern lines and works very well with the simplicity to of the decor.


This was a true ongoing collaboration between artist and homeowner. The clients were very happy initially with the feeling that was created by bringing so much color into their space, and by adding more work over time, they created an experience of the work throughout the condo that they were instrumental in bringing to life.