Phases of the Moon - CODAworx

Phases of the Moon

Submitted by Peter Mangan

Client: Mr and Mrs. Nanney

Location: Marble Falls, TX, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $7,500

Project Team

Interior Designer

Eileen Phillips

Skinny Moon Design


Mr and Mrs. Nanney


Peter Mangan


This commissioned sculpture is for the entryway to a newly built home. It is the fourth project I have done for these art collectors. The inspirational sketch from which the sculpture grew is shown in the images. Also shown are the two wall sconces, a table top sculpture, and a dining room chandelier they had previously acquired. They said they had never commissioned artwork before.


The scale was very important. There was an empty spot in a large entrance room that needed a striking piece of art.


The clients and I discussed size, colors, design, and materials. The interior designer oversaw the project.

Additional Information

The clients are very pleased with the completed sculpture and have further projects in mind.