Perlin Canopy - CODAworx

Perlin Canopy

Client: Helical

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Troy Barratt

Contracts Engineering


Perlin Canopy is a site-specific media artwork inspired by the shady arbour that once lined the historic bathing landscape on the site of the new Bower development by Helical. It is comprised of 80 individually addressable LED rings suspended in a modular arrangement which evoke the bower-like canopy of past. The artwork further explores the Studio’s previous work digitising natural phenomena; and evokes ‘komorebi’ a Japanese term meaning light filtering through trees, and the interplay between the two. Perlin noise, an algorithm for visual effects, was used to manipulate the animation to create elegant slithers of light.


Helical wanted to incorporate a media artwork within the lobby to soften the architecture and provide an identity. The result is a bespoke digital canopy that draws on local history and gives a sense of the pre-existing environment. Perlin Canopy explores the experience of seasonal and daily weather conditions, creating a light and shadow projection of colour filtering through arboreal layers. Visible from the street, it adds a feeling of connectivity and draws people in to enjoy a unique experience within the lobby.


Jason Bruges Studio delivered a turn-key service, managing the entire project from concept through fabrication to installation. They worked closely with Helical to discover the most appropriate concept, one that would speak to their brand ethos while also providing something a bit magical. JBS worked with engineering consultants and fabricators with whom they have long-standing relationships. They relied on collaborations built on trust and regular communication to ensure a fluid project process and timely delivery.