Pelts and Lyrics Solo Exhibition - CODAworx

Pelts and Lyrics Solo Exhibition

Client: Huntsville Museum of Art

Location: Huntsville, AL, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Peter Baldaia

Huntsville Museum of Art


Cal Breed

Orbix Hot Glass

Artist - Woodworker

Keith Cochran

Wood Studios


This 2013 solo exhibition at the Huntsville Museum of Art, “Pelts and Lyrics”, was a grouping of seventeen individual pieces presented together with a common theme of our skin we live in (our Pelts) and our spirit that sings out it’s song (our Lyrics). The main medium was blown and sculpted glass, however, I also incorporated many wood parts and mold blown pieces to accentuate detail not attainable in strictly blown glass. I sculpted a few pieces in clay, and then had molds made to blow into so I could get great detail, some of which was accentuated with ink.


This solo exhibition was not a permanent installation, it was a two-year effort to work alongside my studio team and the museum staff. The exhibition was very well received and was extended beyond its original end date. The purpose was to explore themes of the human spirit and create a space where others could take the time to contemplate the same.