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Paris in San Francisco

Submitted by Jacobs Design, Inc.

Client: Private Home

Location: San Francisco, Ca, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Jerry Jacobs

Jacobs Design, Inc.




Paris in San Francisco is a Penthouse in the Pacific Height-Presidio Heights area of San Francisco. The owner of this high-end home is a gallery owner. Jacobs Design did the interior design and worked with the owner to select and place the art throughout the environment.


The goal was to work with the gallery owner's collection, to add new work to her collection and to place all the work to compliment the decor and be part of the statement she wanted to make in her home. The collection of Paul Woner paintings were placed in the staircase and hallway together since they worked together very well and filled the area beautifully. The pair of antique Italian theater screens in the dining room were in an antique store in the neighborhood; the owner loved them and especially loved them in the dining room. The largest painting by Jan Wurn was hung very carefully above the studio sofa and below the air vent in the sitting room. This piece is one of the owner's prize possessions.


The owner and Jacobs Design worked very closely together throughout the design process with a clear focus on placing all the art so that it could be fully seen, experienced and appreciated, and that it would feel a part of the color scheme and at overall decor.