Oasis One Oasis Two - CODAworx

Oasis One Oasis Two

Client: Memphis Transportation Authority

Location: Memphis, TN, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Carol May

May & Watkins Design


Tim Watkins

May & Watkins Design

Liaison with community

Christina Lanzl

Urban Art


The Memphis Area Transportation Authority and the UrbanArt, commissioned two sculptural bus shelters in Midtown, Memphis to attract new riders to public transportation. They were intended as anchor improvements for two transitional neighborhoods. They are designed to welcome waiting riders and provide a feeling of sanctuary. They are wheelchair accessible with perforated walls, providing access, shelter and visibility for security. The roof panels are pitched so that the water flows from the upper pool to the lower pools, before running off to the side of the structure, creating beautiful sounds for those waiting.


These artworks and bus shelters brought beauty to underserved neighborhoods.


Our gifted public art administrator, Christina Lanzl, reached out to the entire community, so that every neighborhood had a voice in developing the artwork and everyone felt a sense of ownership.