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New Wings

Client: CenterCal Properties

Location: Meridian, ID, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Fred Bruning

CenterCal Properties


Jean Paul Wardy

CenterCal Properties


Brian Keith

Industry Resource

Monterey Sculpture Foundry

Monterey Sculpture Center


Inspired by the artwork of Norman Rockwell and the inventive stories of Dr. Seuss, these sculptures are cast in bronze and have been uniquely created for this location. Together, this series of sculptures captures the essence of inspiration, learning, and transformation.


The client and I wanted to create something that the public could engage with and be inspired by. This series of sculptures tells a story with three separate buy unifying works of art. A Butterfly Swing rests, for now, on stacks of books, that two butterflies wait to carry the swing high into the sky as soon as inspiration strikes. As you rest on the Butterfly Swing, your eyes may land on a tall stack of books that are, themselves, mid-transformation. The pages of these books spread open wide, full of possibility. Like the changes that happen in a caterpillar’s chrysalis, delicate butterflies flutter freely and easily out of the books’ pages. As they soar up and out, we see that instead of a cocoon, knowledge and learning have transformed them. Finally, the centerpiece of the series, also titled “New Wings” is where we see a little girl transformed. On her back, she has her very own pair of butterfly wings. Her face displays the sheer joy of soaring off to explore limitless horizons.


The CEO of the commissioning company desired to have works of art created within the development's water feature and congregating area. After viewing the architecture and landscape layout I proposed the idea for this story revolving around reading and learning, as seen in the visual representation of butterflies. The concept design told a story through a young girl's eyes where she figuratively receives a pair of her own wings. This project was completed before the deadline and well within budget. It was an amazing opportunity to work with Fred Bruning and CenterCal Properties.