Nevada Interval - CODAworx

Nevada Interval

Client: Buffalo Creek Art Center

Location: Gardnerville, NV, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Mike Hansel

Hansel 3D, LLC


Lisa Hansel

Hansel 3D, LLC


Thomas Evans

Art Consultant

Steve Hardy

Hardy Investments LLC


This sculpture was inspired by the owner of Buffalo Creek Art Center, Steve Hardy. A nine week residency at the ranch also contributed to an understanding of the vast landscape and how a sculpture might somehow impact the existing features.


The original intent was to create a highly visible artwork that would be viewed immediately upon entering the grounds. Scale was important as there are many buildings and plantings throughout the grounds. The sierra mountains in the background create an opportunity for dramatic contrast between figure and ground.


Several small-scale models of potential designs were produced in the first month of the residency. This allowed for the owner of the property to imagine and compare a number of options. These original ideas were narrowed down and then compared in terms of materials, labor, and any other costs. Construction began once the final model had been selected. Lisa Hansel and Thomas Evans were part of the fabrication team that completed the sculpture in March of 2018.