Notional Field 22 - CODAworx

Notional Field 22

Client: Tribeca Associates

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $42,000

Project Team


Cristobal Mendoza

Cuppetelli and Mendoza


Laser Lab Studio


Nervous Structure is an interactive installation that explores ideas of perception, interaction and embodiment. It consists of a wall-mounted sculpture which is illuminated with an interactive, computer-generated video projection that reacts to the movements of participants, creating a space that is both playful and meditative. Aesthetically the work references mid-century art movements such as Kinetic Art, Op Art and Light Art, updating them through the use of digital technology and this creating a bridge between the artistic past and present.

Materials: HI-MACS, Video Projectors, Camera, Computer, Custom Software
Year: 2015


The work was specifically designed for the space it was to inhabit. From the materials selected to the specific projectors used, all of the choices were driven by the need to create the right fit of the work to the site. The client and their contractors worked with us to provide us the architectural information we required to make our design, and then collaborated in the conditioning of the space to successfully install the work.


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