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Moving Goalposts

Client: Ned Kahn

Location: Inglewood, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $1,900,000

Project Team


Ned Kahn

Ned Kahn Studios


Mark Sabatino

Gizmo Art Production Inc.


Bryan Starr

Little Engineering






This large-scale kinetic sculpture designed by Ned Kahn and fabricated and delivered by Gizmo outfits the exterior of a parking building at the new NFL Stadium in Inglewood, California. The installation consists of 4000 aluminum beams that sway in the wind to create a captivating undulating experience. Each beam is counterweighted to return to vertical in between gusts of wind.


The kinetic sculpture was intended to dematerialize the facades of the parking structure. This was a very important aspect moving through the design process and was the inspiration for the project. Gizmo’s fabrication team worked closely with the artist to ensure the project was successful and also to make sure the sculpture’s narrative was carried through the process.


The project was designed in collaboration with Gensler Architects and ​kinetic artist ​Ned Kahn, and fabricated by Gizmo Art Production​, Inc. While the concept is simple, Gizmo went through multiple designs and prototypes with mechanical and structural engineers to find the right balance for swinging the pendulums at an ideal rate and keeping the weight of the components down to not overload the crash walls they are mounted to. Structures for the sculpture also had to be portable so they could be managed during installation from a swing stage, and maintenance and repairs accessible for anytime in the future.

Additional Information

Gizmo developed ideas for mass producing the 4,000 plus components comprising the piece that would unify the artist’s vision with long lasting outdoor materials that will stand up to repeated movement in heavy winds. Aluminum, galvanized steel, delrin plastic, and stainless steel hardware were used in each assembly.